Improving lives through travel

One of our pillars is that the benefits of traveling reach far beyond your personal experience. Every time we sell a package, a percentage of the sale supports credible and transparent charities in Brazil. Together with your help, we can fight hunger, improve education, and conserve the environment.

How it works

  1. You travel: Embark on the journey of a lifetime.

  2. You inspire: Gain a new perspective on the world and inspire others to do the same.

  3. You help: 2% of each trip booked is donated to charity.

Charitable Commitment

Brazil is one of the most beautiful places on earth, with gorgeous scenery and incredible people. Even with widespread poverty and lack of basic necessities, the population is resilient and has learned how to smile through it all.


Every Brazilian dreams of the day where every man, woman, and child will have a proper education, access to three nutritional meals a day and won’t have to worry about the Amazon Forest becoming a wasteland.  We believe that no effort to improve lives should be spared. For that reason, we are committed to supporting causes that helps us reach those dreams. ❤️




 GOAL R$1,000,000 

in total donations by 2029.


Fundação Amazonas Sustentável

A Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS), is an organization that works to promote community development in more than 580 communities in conservation units of the Amazon, an area of ​​more than 10 million hectares and equivalent to the size of the territory of Portugal. These are areas with a high level of forest conservation, but lacking public policies and social infrastructure. That is why FAS believes that the best way to keep the forest standing is to invest in people who care for the forest through social infrastructure, education, health, leadership empowerment and income generation projects.

Did you know? 
That in this part of the country there is still a high index of diseases related to the consumption of contaminated water. Another problem is the high infant mortality rate of 25 per 1000 born, while the national average is 13 per 1000 born according to IBGE data.
The population benefited by these activities reaches over 40 thousand people. Short-term goal (6 months) reduction of 70% of the index of diseases related to the consumption of contaminated water in the region. Medium term (3 years): Reduction of infant mortality in the region at least equal to the national average.

Aliança Empreendedora

A Aliança Empreendedora develops inclusive business models and projects for low-income micro-entrepreneurs to expand their access to knowledge, networks, markets, and credit. The objective is to generate new opportunities for business, work and income through entrepreneurship, promoting inclusion and socio-economic development.

Did you know? 
Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) survey conducted in 2010 with 59 countries points out that Brazil is one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world. According to a survey by GEM, Brazil has the highest rate of Initial Stage Entrepreneurs (TEA) in 2010 (17.5%) - a number that is only behind China.

In its 14-year history, the Entrepreneurial Alliance has already supported more than 87,000 micro-entrepreneurs throughout Brazil. Counting that 55% of participating entrepreneurs realized an increase in their income after a year of training. The success rate of the beneficiaries is 72% after the third year.

Serzinho de Luz

In 2017, two amazing human-beings came together to create the NGO "Serzinho de Luz" with the purpose of performing animal rescues and castrations in Uberlândia, MG. They do not own a shelter but still collect street animals that are in advanced stages of disease and in need of treatment. Requests for help are received daily for animals that are in very ill or neglected due to being on the street for a long time, making the rescues very complicated. However, they are committed to recovering animals to reinsert them all into new homes.  After  receiving treatment, all animals go to temporary homes until they are adopted.

Você sabia? 
The World Health Organization estimates that in Brazil alone there are more than 30 million abandoned animals, 10 million cats and 20 million dogs. In large cities, for every five inhabitants there is a dog. Of these, 10% are abandoned.
They have been acting for Respect and Love to Animal Life for the last 2 years by rescuing animals through their city, currently accounting more than 100 rescues of animals in critical situation and the castration of more than 450 abandoned animals. Goal: Buy a shelter to offer more treatments and rescues.

Museu da Favela

Museu da favela- Rio de Janeiro

Museu de Favela – MUF is a nongovernmental organization, formed by residents of the communities of Pavão, Pavãozinho and Cantagalo - RJ. The NGO works for the valorization of collective cultural memory, for strengthening the soul and the good character of the community, for the realization of a common civic plan, and for a vision of transforming the conditions of life through the memories and the local culture, by having its heritage represented at the Favela MUSEUM. The MUF wants to turn this community into a Tourist and Cultural Monument of Favelas History, dissolving the barriers between the favela and the rest of Rio.

The MUF promotes, presents and gives space for the cultural manifestation of the community. At MUF, society is culture and cultural projects converge for a positive social impact. In this territorial museum and alive on memories and cultural heritage of the favela, the collection is about 20 thousand residents and their ways of life, narratives of important part and unknown to the history of the City of Rio de Janeiro.
Did you know? 

The Cantagalo-Pavão-Pavãozinho Complex occupies a total area of ​​approximately 12 hectares. The occupation is centennial, with records of reports dating back to 1907 and still that the mountain was a slave refuge in the previous century, for those who escaped from sugar farms. In the current land use policy of the City of Rio de Janeiro, the territory is classified as a Special Area of ​​Social Interest, exclusively destined to housing and businesses of social interest, which, in theory, would protect the residents of, under the pressure of real estate speculation, to be compelled to sell their real estate to buyers with greater purchasing power and / or to install other commercial and service uses.

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